We are producing a NEW show this year: A Christmas Carol Suite in Modern Bare Feet! December 7-8, 2018 at the Clifford E. White Theater on NAU Campus. 

First half of FEES are past due:  There is a $155.00 fee per dancer to participate.   A deposit of $80 is due on September 14th. The remaining $75.00 is due October 19st.  You can pay on the website on the PayPal link or through your parent portal or put it in the black tuition box, indicating “Christmas Carol” on the subject line.  


Rehearsal Schedule


            You will be required to attend all rehearsals for your role/part in the production.  In general, rehearsals will be between 1-2 hours on Fridays.  If you have multiple scenes in which you perform, you will have additional rehearsals/times.  When someone is absent from rehearsal, it affects the entire group.  Therefore, it is strongly encouraged to attend ALL rehearsals.  Most of the choreography is taught in the first two or three rehearsals, thus it is extremely important for you to be there. If you miss more than one rehearsal, you will be cut from the production.  Two tardies will be counted as an absence. Dancers are expected to arrive prepared to dance 15 minutes prior to the start time of their rehearsal in case we are ahead of schedule.  This is a large production and we cannot re-teach choreography to those who miss rehearsal; if you miss something in rehearsal, get with another dancer before your next rehearsal and catch up


This schedule is for September 14th -October 19 only.  Please note the dates and times below and mark your calendar.   If there are any updates, we will email them and announce them at rehearsal.  The schedule will change for Oct. 26, Nov. 2 as we will be putting the scenes together. Then it will change again for Nov. 9, 16, 30 to run the full show. Information will be sent closer to those dates.  So the times will be different.  We will also be doing a costume fitting before or after your rehearsals and a hair/make-up demo before a rehearsals in November. All information will be sent via email.  No rehearsal October 12 and Thanksgiving week-end.  Blocking and Technical rehearsal on December 3-4 in the theater.  Dress rehearsal Dec. 6th. Times TBD. Show is Dec. 7-8 at 7:30 pm with a matinee at 11:00 a.m. on the 8th.  I will confirm all this as we get more information.    All dates in the theater are MANDATORY, PLEASE MARK ALL OF THE DATES ON YOUR CALENDARS.  More info to come later. 

 Rehearsals start on Sept. 14. NO rehearsal Oct 11-12. No rehearsal Nov. 23, Thanksgiving

Rehearsals Sept 14, 21, 28 (We will measure for costumes after each individual rehearsal on the 28th), Oct 5, and Oct. 19.  SCHEDULE for Sept. 14- Oct. 19 Don't forget to be a few minutes early so you are ready to dance at the appointed time.  Rehearsals are very short. We need ALL the time allotted. Don't be late!  Most of the choreography will be set  in the first two-three weeks. 

Friday afternoon/evening

  4:00-4:30 Cratchit family: Doesn’t start until September 21. NO rehearsal on Sept. 14 for this group ONLY. Rehearsal Assistant: Evelyn Kohnan

 4:30-5:30 Lamplighters/Tappers Cori Tappers come from 4:30-5, other dancers come from 5-5:30 until further notice. We will combine the two in later rehearsals. Rehearsal assistants: Annie Baron and Ella Moore

 5:30-6 Young Village dancers Rehearsal assistant: Danika Rudd

 6-6:30 Snowflakes Rehearsal assistant: Carmen Manygoats

 wigs party, Younger dancers and Mrs. Fezziwig, Rehearsal assistant: Kayden Openshaw

 7:00-7:30 Teen/tween Party at Fezziwigs Mrs. Fezziwig, Young Scrooge and Scrooge’s Young Love, Rehearsal assistant: Clyde Ellis

 7:30-8:00 Christmas Morning  Rehearsal assistant: Aspen Cosner

8-8:30 Waltz with Young Scrouge and Love  


Friday mornings

9-11 am Solicitors, Niece’s solo, Cratchit solo



VDC class time, Angels, Money, Gold/Silver duet. Rehearsal assistant:



8-10pm  Marley in Chains, Ghost of the future, Homeless, Nieces’ party


 Stilts/want and ignorance with Kristi TBD

 Cast List


 October 10, 2018

Remember there is NO REHEARSAL this Friday, October 12.

T-shirt design submission are due by October 12th!  The winner will receive a FREE t-shirt! See previous email for details. 

We will resume our regular rehearsal schedule on October 19th. 

Tickets will go on sale November 1st at the NAU ticket office. We will have flyers and some posters available on the 26th to start distributing. 

We will also have a t-shirt sign-up in the lobby. You MUST order t-shirts in advance. We will have NO extras. 

Note: On October 26, there is a big football game between Coconino High School and Flagstaff High School. There will be a lot of cars trying to park at the school. Parking on the curb across the street may be limited. We will put up cones and signs around our parking lot, but please know we/you can move them so our students can park in our lot for rehearsal. We may also have to park behind each other if the curb and school lot is full. 

The October 26th rehearsal is as follows. This is for OCTOBER 26 ONLY!! Feel free to bring some (non-messy) snacks and water to keep your dancers sustained during these rehearsals. 

Friday afternoon/evening October 26 (Some individual rehearsals as well as Scene Combining) Blocking Scrooge in scenes.

 4:00-4:30 Waltz with Young Scrouge and Love (individual rehearsal)

4:30-5:10 Past – Set entrances for party.  Fezziwigs party (combining all three dances): Younger dancers and Mrs. Fezziwig, Teen dancers, Young Love, gold coin(s)

5:10-5:40 Lamplighters only (individual rehearsal)

5:40-6 Young Village Maypole (individual rehearsal)

6-6:30 Opening scene Part 1: Scrooge and Cratchit, Young Village Maypole, Lamplighters

6:30-7:15  Ghost of the future, Angels, Tiny Tim crossing the stage with Angels, Snowflakes, Scrooge solo, Christmas morning

7 :15-7:45 Ghost of the Present: Ignorance and Want, Niece’s Party, Cratchit family 

7:45-8:15 Opening scene Part 2 niece, Solicitors, Homeless, Money, Marley’s Ghost

8:15-9 Additional scenes as needed.

Please note: there will be a NEW schedule for November 2 & 9. It will be sent later. 

Costume fittings on Nov. 2 and/or 9 – stay after your rehearsal and try on costumes.

Nov. 16 Mandatory Hair and Make-up instruction: 4:00-5:30 before full show run-throughCongratulations dancers!

The majority of our communication is via e-mail-it. It is important that e-mails are read. We will use the e-mail address on your audition form to send schedule updates, show details, etc. Updates will also be posted on our website www.canyondance.org and our Facebook page. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Gina Darlington (Director) at Canyon Dance Academy (928) 774-3937 or cmcgina1@gmail.com

FEES:  If you are cast in this production of A Christmas Carol, there is a $155.00 fee per dancer to participate. Here is the breakdown that this covers: Weekly rehearsals with professional staff (Sept. 14-Nov. 30), Theater week contact time with professional staff (Dec. 3- Dec. 8), costumes for performers, Headpiece for most performers, new tights. A deposit of $80 is due on September 14th. The remaining $75.00 is due October 19st.  You can pay on the website on the PayPal link or through your parent portal or put it in the black tuition box, indicating “Christmas Carol” on the subject line.  On August 29, we will assume you are accepting your role unless we hear otherwise. You will then be added to Christmas Carol rehearsals on Parent Portal. The fee will show up and you can pay it online if desired.  If this causes undue hardship for your family, please talk to the director, Gina Darlington, as payment arrangements can be made.  This does not cover ticket costs for family members, tickets must be purchased separately from the NAU ticket office. Undergarments (other than tights) and shoes are also not covered by the fee.