We are producing a NEW show this year: A Christmas Carol Suite in Modern Bare Feet! December 7-8, 2018 at the Clifford E. White Theater on NAU Campus. 



Rehearsal Schedule


There's a lot of important info in here. It’s broken into sections with details about the various rehearsals. Please take a moment to go over this.

Also, make sure your dancers are getting lots of rest and eating well. Nobody wants to be sick during show week.

 2018 Final Christmas Carol Update

 You can get a free DVD if you buy a membership to CMC for $50.  You also receive other benefits as a member. You can purchase one in the lobby during the show. Or go to http://www.canyonmovementcompany.org/cmc/support-us/ 

 1.    Classes at CDA have slight changes during show week.  Please check with your teacher if your class conflicts with rehearsal times. Most classes have three weeks scheduled in December. There are two other months that have 5 weeks in them that make-up for the months with holidays like December.

2.    Please check with your Parent Portal to make sure all fees are paid, including December’s tuition before the show. All participation, costume and tuition fees must be paid before you can perform in the show.  Thanks for your cooperation. 

3.    Tickets are available now at NAU Ticket office.  928-523-5661.  Buy your tickets in advance. NAU adds on a $2 fee (in addition to their $4 fee already included in the price) if you buy them at the door. There are NO free tickets to the show.  It is very expensive to produce.  If you want to see it free, sign up to usher and help in the lobby. 



December 3 Blocking and technical rehearsal. Please come in full costume, make-up, and hair done. Formal pictures will also be taken in the lobby during these times. The specific schedule is subject to adjustments. Please be 15 minutes EARLY in case we are running ahead and plan to stay in case we are running late.

  5:00-9:15 pm at the theater. The theater lobby will open at 5:00pm

 Times are for the rehearsal on the stage. Pictures will be afterwards in the lobby.

First group, arrive by 5:00

 5:15-6:00 Opening scene part 1: Scrooge and Cratchit, Young Village Maypole, Lamplighters 

 6:00-6:45 Ghost of the Past: Fezziwigs party: Young dancers and Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig, Teen dancers, Young love 

 6:45-7:15 Snowflakes, Scrooge Solo, Christmas morning 

 7:15-8:00 Ghosts of the future, Tiny Tim, Angels,

 8:00-8:30 Ghost of the Present: Ignorance and Want, Niece’s Party, Cratchit family  

 8:30-9:15pm Opening scene part 2: Niece solo, Solicitors and homeless, Cratchit solo, Money, Marley’s ghost 

 December 4 – Run the entire show with stops and corrections as needed. Make-up, hair, and costumes.

Call Time (dancers arrive at theater) 5:00pm

Start time 6:00pm

Run the show with lights.

Dancers need to stay afterwards for notes. No one leaves until dismissed.

 December 5 – Dark. No rehearsal. REST

 December 6 - Formal dress rehearsal.

Call Time (dancers arrive at theater) 5:30pm

Warm Up (on stage) 6:00pm

Start time 6:45pm (The show is just over an hour plus a 15 minutes intermission.


This is like a real show. Professional photographers will be taking photos during tonight’s rehearsal. We have an audience (Tuba City).

 December 7 - SHOW! Call time is 6:00, warm up on stage 6:30, show starts at 7:30. 

 December 8 - SHOW! Call time is 9:30 am, warm up on stage 10, show starts at 11 am. 

 December 8 - SHOW! Call time is 6:00, warm up on stage 6:30, show starts at 7:30. 



a.    Tuba City schools come to see the show TONIGHT!!!

14. The dressing rooms will be open at 5 on Thursday - Saturday.  Please CLEAN UP after yourselves in the dressing room.  I, Miss Gina, am the one who cleans up if you don't, and it makes me grouchy. 

15. ONLY PARENTS/SPOUSES of the dancers will be allowed at the dress rehearsal.  It is NOT a free show for the community/relatives/siblings/friends/etc. A School from Tuba City will be our audience so seating will be limited. Please don't cause an uncomfortable situation by bringing guests who will be asked to leave. 

16. You can video and take non-flash pictures on the 6th ONLY.  Sean Openshaw shoots the entire performance and his photos will be available for purchase later at a great price!

17. If you want a professional DVD of the show, there will be forms at the theater. Only paid orders will be made. They will be ready by the end of January. As a parent, I prefer to buy the DVD as its much more fun to watch the show without the small screen in front of you. You can get a free DVD if you buy a membership to CMC for $50.  You also receive other benefits as a member. 



18. We need some ushers and backstage help.  If you would like to see the show for free, sign up to usher.  There are sign-up sheets on the window at the studio. We also need volunteers for dressing room monitors, backstage help, etc.

a.    Ushers need to arrive 45 minutes before showtime.

b.   Flower helpers need to arrive 45 minutes before showtime.

c.    Backstage helpers need to arrive with the dancers.  Backstage helpers will monitor the younger kids. The kids should bring books, games, coloring, or something else to entertain them. When YOUR child is performing, you are welcome to go up to the audience and watch them.

19. There will be flowers for sale in the lobby during the show. It is a great fund-raiser for our scholarship program.  Please consider buying flowers for your dancer.

20. DON’T leave your costumes in the dressing rooms until Friday night. There are other events in there.  Please label all your personal items:  write your name on the tag, or on a seam inside the costume.  Bring warm-up clothing for the on-stage warm-up, so you don't sweat in your costumes. Don’t eat in your costumes. Keep them clean and neat.

21. There will be a warm-up on the stage for everyone before the dress rehearsal and the shows 1 hour before showtime. 






Tickets are on sale now through the NAU ticket office. See the poster or flyer for details. If you want to come more than once, or see the show for free, there will be a volunteer sign-up list after Thanksgiving. 

 Please help us in advertising. There are nice full-size posters you are welcome to take and hang in a PUBLIC place. There are also small black and white flyers you are welcome to take and give to friends and family. 

There is a Facebook event on our FB page. Invite your friends. SHARE it with everyone you know. https://www.facebook.com/events/353365425397739/

Talk about it. Word of mouth is our best advertiser, and we want the dancers to have a full audience for their performances. 


*The Clifford E. White (CEW) Theater is in the SAME building as Ardrey Auditorium where the Symphony plays.

1.    If you are facing the front of the theaters from the main road (looking West), the CEW is the theater on the right. You can enter that way OR come in from the Southwest door on the back of the building. Walk straight back, turn left then right and go down the ramp. On Monday and Tuesday, continue to follow the signs to the CEW lobby as we can only enter from there.

2.    On Thursday-Saturday, dancers will NOT go into the lobby, but will go through the double doors at the bottom of the ramp. The dressing rooms are through the double doors. The dancers can then enter the theater from the dressing rooms.  Parents are asked to go around (follow the signs inside the building) to the CEW lobby – there is not room for dancers and multiple parents in the dressing area.

3.    Parking is free on Saturdays and after 4 p.m. on Friday behind the building. You will have to pay for a parking pass on the other days. There is an app to do that or the kiosk near the entrance of the University. Plan for time to get the parking pass.

 IN THE THEATER December 3-4

4.    No food or drinks except water in the theater!  Don't touch the props.  Don't touch anything backstage.  Stages are dangerous places.  Lights are heavy and can seriously hurt someone if they fall on them.  Don't touch the curtains, ropes, lights, colored gels, or anything that isn't your own personal prop.  The technical director is the boss!  That means the people wearing black backstage are in charge.  Be respectful to them, and if you have any questions or problems, come talk to me.  Treat the theater like a sanctuary (Church).

5.    Parents are responsible to monitor their children if needed. The staff cannot watch them during rehearsals.

6.    Please be early. We don't wait for late-comers. You snooze, you lose, and you might lose your place in the dance! On Monday and Tuesday, you can watch from the audience when you are not dancing if you are ready for your next scene.  I won't be able to look for anyone who is not there to dance, so please pay attention and be ready.  Don't talk while you're in the theater.

7.    Pictures are on Monday the 3th right after each group’s “blocking rehearsal” on the stage. Times for each dance’s rehearsal is at the bottom of this note. Every dancer needs to be in the group photos.  Please wear full costumes and make-up.  Forms for pictures will be at the theater Monday if you want to order them.  We will do a full cast photo at the dress rehearsal on Thursday. You don’t have to buy them, but I need everyone in the group photos.

8.    Remember that you provide your OWN make-up and it is not ok to share.  Parents and dancers are expected to do their own make-up and hair. (Reminders for hair are below)

9.    Parents, if your child has to change their make-up or hair during the show, please provide someone during intermission to assist them (yourself or a helper).  You can still watch the show from the audience, just run down to the dressing room during intermission to help with the hair and make-up.  But please only send ONE person, since it will be very crowded. 

10. ALL dancers (men and boys included) are to have their hair done AWAY from their face.

a.      Hair:          

                                                                          i.      Village Maypole, Snowflakes – two high pony tails with the tails curled.

                                                                         ii.      Lamplighters – Tappers: buns  Non-tappers: low ponytails

                                                                       iii.      Young Party, Party Teen, Christmas Morning - half-up, half-down with hair curled

                                                                       iv.      Mrs. Fezzziwig Mrs. Cratchit – as desired off the face

                                                                         v.      VDC all roles - buns

                                                                       vi.      CMC – as desired off the face, no buns

                                                                     vii.      Men/boys with long hair – low ponytail

11. NO nail polish (fingers or toes), and NO jewelry.  No visible tattoos. If you are a woman with armpits that will be seen, please shave them.

12.  Remember, tights are a substitute for underwear, please do not wear underpants under your costume. If a bra is needed or you have other questions, talk to Miss Gina for options. Just a note: leotards are a replacement for panties for the girls. Boys should wear briefs that will not show under their costumes. Especially in performance, additional layers of unnecessary underwear are distracting. 


 The majority of our communication is via e-mail-it. It is important that e-mails are read. We will use the e-mail address on your audition form to send schedule updates, show details, etc. Updates will also be posted on our website www.canyondance.org and our Facebook page. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Gina Darlington (Director) at Canyon Dance Academy (928) 774-3937 or cmcgina1@gmail.com