Fall/Spring Schedule 2019-20

Classes start August 19

We have some space available in most classes! Still taking new students.

Photo by Scott Sawyer

Photo by Scott Sawyer

Specialty classes are listed below the Spring Schedule and include various Ballroom classes

Families registered in the Parent Portal can see and register for classes through that application.

Descriptions for each class are located underneath the weekly class schedule.   

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Fall/Spring 2019-20 SCHEDUle

Schedule by Days


4:00-4:40pm  5-6 yr old Creative Dance $45/month

4:45-5:25pm   3-4 yr old Basic Creative Dance  $45/month

5:30-6:25pm   Contemporary Ballet 1 ages 7+ $55/month

6:30-7:25pm  Contemporary Ballet 2  $55/month

7:30-8:55pm Contemporary Ballet 3/Pointe  $75/month



4-4:55pm   13+ Jazz/Modern(2x weekly also Thursday)   $90/month

5-5:40pm Tap 1 Technique ages 5+ yrs. $45/month

5:45-6:40  Tap 2 Technique ages 7+ $55/month

 6:45-85pm   CMC Modern Modern Class  $15 drop-in or 10-class pass for $120


4:00-4:40pm   3-4 yr old Basic Creative Dance  $45/month

4:45-5:25pm   5-6 yr old Creative Dance $45/month

5:30-6:55 pm Advanced Technique ages 13+   $75/month

7-9pm Velocity Dance Company (by audition only) $90/month


4:00-4:55pm   13+ Jazz/Modern(2x weekly also Tuesday)   $90/month

5-5:55pm 7-9 yr old Intro to Jazz/Modern   $55/month

 6-6:55pm    Hip Hop ages 7 + $55/month

7-8:30pm   Beginning Adult Modern Dance 18+ $120/10-class pass


4:00-5pm   10-12 Jazz/Modern  $55/month

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Join us for Beginning Adult Modern on Thursday 7-8:30pm. You never know who might be there. YES, that’s  THE  Venus Williams! She visited in February - so fun to have her in class!

Join us for Beginning Adult Modern on Thursday 7-8:30pm. You never know who might be there. YES, that’s THE Venus Williams! She visited in February - so fun to have her in class!

2019-20 Holidays - There will be no classes on the following dates:

Labor Day  September 2 

Thanksgiving Break - November 26-30 

 Christmas Break-December 21 - January 3 

 Spring Break – March 16-22   

 Memorial Day – May 25     

 We do NOT cancel for other holidays.    There is a make-up day each semester.  Time/date TBA


Basic Creative Dance ages 3-4 yr old

Monday  4:45-5:25pm   $45/month

Wednesday 4:00-4:40pm   $45/month


Creative Dance ages 5-6 yr old

Monday   4:00-4:40pm   $45/month

Wednesday   4:45-5:25pm  $45/month 


Tap 1 Technique  Ages 5+ Tuesday 5:00-5:40pm$45/month

Tap 2 Technique  Ages 7+ Tuesday 5:45-6:40pm  $55/month

Youth Hip Hop ages 7+  Thursday 6-6:55pm  $55/month 


Contemporary Ballet Level 1 ages 7+ - Monday 5:30-6:25 pm $55/month

Contemporary Ballet Level 2 - Ages 8+  Monday 6:30-7:25pm  $55/month

 Contemporary Ballet Level 3/Pointe - Ages 10+  Teacher recommendation for pointe portion of the class. Monday 7:30-8:55pm $75/month

Intro to modern/jazz technique ages 7+ Thursday 5-5:55pm   $55/month

Jazz/Modern technique- Ages 10-12 Friday 4-5 pm  $55/month

Jazz/Modern ages 13+ Tuesday/Thursday 4-4:55pm 2x week  $90/month

Advanced Technique ages 13+ Wednesday 5:30-6:55pm $75/month

 VELOCITY Dance Company by audition (ages 14-18) Wednesday 7:00-9pm  $90/month

Beginning Adult Modern Thursday 7-8:30pm   $15 drop in fee OR $120/10-class-pass 

Adult Modern class with CMC Tuesday 6:45-8pm   $15 drop in fee OR $120/10-class-pass

Class Descriptions:

  Basic Creative Dance 3-4 yr old –  Intro to creative dance with a foundation in learning dance terms and movements
Creative Dance  5-6 yr old – Builds on the Basic class, adding new terms and technique with more structure  
Tap 1 Technique  (Ages 5+)   Tap technique for your rhythm-crazed dancer
Tap 2 Technique (Ages 7+) Next level Tap technique

Intro to Jazz/Modern  Technique 7-9 yrs – Fundamentals of modern and jazz dance technique while creating choreography  
Jazz/Modern  Dance Technique for 10-12 yrs – focus on technique, group choreography, with core conditioning
Jazz/Modern  Dance Technique  - 13+ -  more technique, choreography and full body conditioning incorporating modern and jazz dance styles
Advanced Technique   Ages 13+  builds more advanced skills for the intermediate and advanced dancer
Hip Hop Ages 7+ - Come have fun in our street style hip hop class, while improving your jazz technique.  
Contemporary Ballet Level 1 - ages 7+ -  Introduction to ballet to enhance and strengthen dance technique
Contemporary Ballet Level 2 ages 8+ – Intermediate ballet  to enhance and strengthen dance technique, required for Velocity
Contemporary Ballet 3/Pointe ages 10+ - Advanced Ballet and Pointe class (by teacher recommendation only)                                               Beginning Adult Movement ages 18+ - Adult dance class for those wanting to get back into dance, or try it for the first time. Includes modern, jazz, African, and various styles.

Adult Modern Class  Modern dance for experienced adults.  Open class, rotating teachers every three weeks.  Come join us for the fun!     

Baby and Me - Intro to movement and music with their parent.  (Not currently offered)


Dancers from Aladdin, photo by Scott Sawyer

Dancers from Aladdin, photo by Scott Sawyer

Other classes offered at our studio, but not included with the schedule above. Contact the groups with the info below for more details or to take class with them.

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The THIRD Saturday of each month. 7:00 - 10:00 PM (Except December will meet on New Years Eve)

Group Dance Lesson:  7:00 - 8:00 PM  
Open Dance:  8:00 - 10:00 PM A wide variety of dance music will be played.
Cost: $7 dance or lesson only, $10 lesson and dance, Students: $5 dance or lesson only, $7 lesson & dance
Beginners, experienced dancers, couples, singles and students welcome.
Contact:  Bill Pranke  (928) 814-0157    


The Sunday night classes when we have instructors are $8.00, $7.00 for USA Dance members, and $5.00 for students. When we have no instructors it is $5.00. 

Open dancing on Sundays from 5-7 pm  $5.00-$8.00.

For more information about these specific classes: 928-814-0157 

 info@flagstaffdance.com     flagstaffdance.com