Monthly Theme

The theme for the month of October is "TIME." Dancers will explore the element of time as related to dance and movement. It is preparatory for Music and Rhythm in November.
The theme for the month of August/September is "Body Awareness." The dancers are focusing on physical awareness through exercises and games to learn control of large and small motor skills. The older dancers are emphasizing technique in a more disciplined manner.

Photo by Sean Openshaw

Photo by Sean Openshaw


Nine Month Curriculum

Canyon Dance Academy (CDA) curriculum is based on a nine month plan (with an additional summer session offered).  We build each month’s lesson plans on the previous lessons, thus it is extremely beneficial for your dancer to be in class as much as possible. Our curriculum is based on other successful programs including the University of Utah’s Children’s Dance ProgramLuna Dance in San Francisco as well as other programs in Omaha, and Arizona. All of our teachers are college trained and/or have extensive professional experience both teaching and performing. Dancers who advance into Velocity Dance Company and leading roles in other productions excel, developing into strong, expressive dancers. If you have questions about what and why we teach, please talk to Miss Cori or email her at

What is Creative and Modern Dance and why do we teach it at Canyon Dance Academy? 


Creative/modern dance focuses on the development of the whole person by presenting dance as an art form.  Students will learn:

  • creative and independent thinking

  • leadership skills

  • self-control both physically and emotionally

  • working cooperatively in groups

  • confidence building in activities such as choreography, performances and life.

Through movement exploration, dancers reach progressive levels of physical skill development while learning the vocabulary of dance. Dancers have the opportunity to improvise, engage in creative problem solving and grow in cognitive, social and emotional ways as they interact in class. At CDA we don’t expect our students to mimic our every move. We teach basic skills, then guide them as they learn to create and express themselves through movement. We advocate the philosophy of Virginia Tanner, a pioneer in the field of creative movement for children: “The motivating force behind my work is not only developing excellent dancers, but more importantly, developing young people who are useful, imaginative, worthwhile human beings." 

Dancers from Spring Show 2014

Dancers from Spring Show 2014